Mini Palika Bazaar

Indians sure are enterprising people, in most of the wrong reasons. Here is an example of mini Palika Bazaar in Sector 14 Market, Gurgaon. Take your pick, check it on the portable T.V. Like the print? Buy it! Nothing official about it ;)


  1. Palika bazaar (the Delhi one) is my favorite place ever!!! It's seriously an adventure going there and coming out alive!!!

  2. @ Ramesh - yes, it is very interesting!

    @Iggy - ha ha! I know the feeling...we do get 'travelling by local' feeling at a few good places here :P

    @clueless comrades - can see u r a through and through capitalist! Yea, bless it..as long as it gives us more money and better living and doesn't erase the heart to help the poor :)